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< This tool is still on early access, so i'll love to recieve some feedback! >


Gameflow Designer is a tool to make easy game progression flowcharts with data that you can export and import as .JSON files!

This tool fills the visual gap between draw.io/diagrams.net and data implementation for everykind of game engine which doesn't have anyway to see it. (i.e. Visual Novels and choice-based games on GameMaker, or story-driving games based on story nodes)

With this tool, besides being able to add text and IDs to the nodes, you can also add custom data that will be exported in a .JSON file and can be imported with the use of the GameMaker Studio 2.3 local package, but the scripts are so simple that it could be easily ported to other versions of GameMaker Studio.


You can see more about usage on the information tab inside Gameflow_designer.exe.

Also, there is a game example (Gameflow_Designer_Example_Game.zip)  to showcase some simple and possible uses of this tool. It uses the Example_File.json inside the Gameflow_Designer.zip file.

I added also some easy scripts to import the data from the files generated with this tool as a local package from GameMaker Studio 2.3 as Gameflow_Designer_Node_Scripts.yymps.

Every suggestion, feedback &  comment is appreciated!

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
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AuthorD'Andrëw Box
GenreVisual Novel
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsdata, flowchart, Game Design, gameflow, GameMaker, json
Average sessionA few minutes


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I want to enter another language! Is there a solution?

What do you mean with another language? On the UI or the entry boxes?

the tool is amazing~

but there is a little pity thing that no support for other language such as chinese/Japanese

No support yet!

I restarted the project a few weeks ago to release v1.0 and open-source the project, so I will try to add it to the features list to the release. I think it could be ready to launch in a month or two!

Also, thank you! :P

Does this function without using GameMaker Studio? or is it fully reliant on running inside GameMaker Studio? 

This seems like a super useful tool but currently, I prefer Godot over GameMaker Studio and think this would be extremely useful as a standalone tool.

You can create a set of scripts to read the json files to make it work into another engines. The system only exports a .json file so it should be able to be imported and read by any engine that supports json parsing.

Hope it works for you!

Awesome, I'll have to look into it.

If you try to remove a connection from a node which has no outgoing connections it crashes. I also couldn't figure out how to actually edit the details of each node.


I'm sorry, i uploaded a previous version from the git branch. I just realized by your comment, i will upload the last version soon.

Hallo :)
nice pixel
can mac?

Thank you! I don't think on mac releases yet, but it can be an opption for the future. (i don't have a mac to test it nor the module)

when I try to import the Json files into Gamemaker 2, it gives me "Spine: unable to find .atlas file for [file path].atlas"

Are you sure you are importing it the right way? This files and this program have nothing to do with Spine.

The idea is to import this files as datafiles into the included files default folder of GameMaker, just press "Open In Explorer" and drop the .json files into that folder.

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I tried dragging and dropping because I didn't see how else to import it. Also how do I use it after importing it in?


This seems to potentially be a very great and useful tool for Game Maker developers and others as well I belive, and even though I am really looking forward to the new update of this project and also as I am not able to support your work with any money, I simply want to say thank you a lot, this is a great thing with a huge potential!!

And as for the changes I would be really happy to see in this app:

First of all, I think it could be great to be able to change the node's text just double-clicking it, without opening it's properties for edditing, and also being able to highlight the text and moving the cursor would make the text editing much easier.

And lastly, the app exit with escape button, it doesn't feel like the best option as I often do it just occasionally trying to close the node properties.

Anyway, thank you for this nice app and hope you will make it even better soon!

Thank you lots, i really appreciate this comment!

I will consider to add that for next versions and to the "To-do List", there are some very good ideas and feedback, really thank you!

And sorry for this late response, i didn't log into itch for at least a few months, and i resume this project just few days ago because of pandemic stuff on my life :(

Just out of curiosity: In which language / engine is this written?

Its all made on Game Maker Studio 2.3!

Thank you!


Hi. I really like this project, and intend to use it to script out some dialog for a dialog engine I'm making. I had several comments, but it looks like you put most of them on your todo list anyway, so I deleted it. I think you're doing a great job here, and would love to see this continue!!!

Hey! Thank you, sorry for this late response

Hopefully this program works for you! I recently resumed this project so i didn't work on the things on the list yet, but i will be releasing a new version proabably next month!


Hi Andrew. Thanks for the reply! I was so inspired by your app that I decided to write a similar one myself. Mine has a few enhancements like in the suggestions people have been mentioning. On mine, you can collapse a node and all its children will disappear. This allows for de-cluttering larger projects. Also, I have a save and an export. An export will trim off unnecessary data like color and location of nodes. I have also added localization and language switching of both text and speaker, and a character manager for easy drop down selection of the speaker on each node. It's coming along nicely. I'll put it on my itch.io page for free when it's ready. I'm just working out one last bit of stuff on the character manager. I would not have undertook such an endeavor if it weren't for you, so thank you again!!

Wow! This is just awesome! Your version looks a lot more polished than mine and i would love to see it in action, very good job with that.

I'm very surprised with this, you made this even better, i'm gonna take some inspiration from here if you don't mind :D

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Looks like a pretty interesting tool! I don't currently have a need for it, but I can see making use of it sometime in the future. 

A few comments/pieces of feedback based on browsing your example:

  • on a 4k display, everything is way too small. Some sort of display settings / window resize would be nice.
  • I haven't looked under the hood enough to know if this makes sense, but if there's a flow direction between two nodes, it might be nice to have arrows on the lines. somewhere in the middle of the line would likely work fine.
  • Ask to save on exit.
  • There aren't enough visual interactions. to limit having to look up hotkeys, I'd recommend:
    • a button to add a new node
    • handles/buttons on nodes to create node connections
    • a delete node button in the node info window

Thank you for your comment! Its very appreciated your feedback.

I'll add those to the todo list for next versions!


Aye, at the moment, the only thing I'm really having trouble with is running out of space XD It would be lovely if we could resize the window :)


I would try to add a window size setup at the beginning of the project or into the configs tab, for now maybe the new version would help a bit!