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Hello everyone! First of all i want you all for your support and the donations you made, i've never though people will be interested on a tool so simple, so, i really thank you for your support on this.

I apologize for not updating this very often, I have been somewhat busy with other projects. However I took the time to make a "small" list of things to do or that I want to implement for future versions.


In Program:
  • Node connections with curve lines / bezier curves. 
  • Anchor points to nodes. 
  • Fullscreen support.
  • Customizable name on "Data" slots.
  • Arrow heads on node conections.
  • Users can change background colour.
  • Custom width & height of nodes.
  • Create new nodes using last node selected configuration (colour & size).
  • More shapes of nodes.
  • An "outline-only" mode for nodes.
  • Use ↑ & ↓ on nodes to navigate on the Setup.
  • Setting up canvas size (Window size) as the start of a project.
  • When start the program, load the last project you worked on.
  • Autosave configurations.
  • White theme. (only if you ask me to do it)
  • Shadow on nodes to make them visible on white theme.
  • Add images as nodes.
  • TABS!
    • Create a new working canvas for every tab and don't have issues with duplicated IDs on the same project.
  • Don't draw lines on real-time, instead use surfaces. (To improve performance when +200 nodes in screen)
  • GameMaker Studio 1.4 & Studio 2 scripts & base project.
  • Fix some visual bugs adding more than a line of text on "Data" entries.
  • Fix some issues with duplicated IDs.
  • Create a Visual Novel / Text Novel engine based on this tool. (this is ambicious and probably will be on wating list until v1.0)

I am open to suggestions and comments about it, if you have any idea it would be appreciated.

Thank you all again :)

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