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A set of functions as a library to import into your project that will help with a simple logger to log player actions or events you wanna log on a file to track maybe issues or bugs easily, or just to debug some stuff into a file. File will be saved by default on "%localappdata%/Local/YOUR_PROJECT_NAME".

Remember to always close the file before ending the game or when you want to read it.

Suggestions are open to any function that you think it needs.

The current list of functions are:

  • logger_start(filename, path- Create or open a logger file , returns the index.
  • logger_write(file, [*args]- Writes your text into the logger file.
  • logger_write_warning(file, [*args]) - Writes a warning into into the logger file.
  • logger_write_error(file, [*args]) - Writes an error into into the logger file.
  • logger_get_timestamp() - Returns a string of the current time
  • logger_end(file) - Closes the logger file, free memory.


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GM-Simple-Logger-v1.0.yymps 3 kB

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