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A set of functions as a library to import into your project that will help to use arrays at the level of ds_lists without having to use a ds_list, or even convert your arrays to ds_lists and structs.

Suggestions are open to any function that you think it needs.

The current list of functions are:

  • array_fill(array, value) - Fills an array with a value.
  • array_clear(array) - Clears an array to clear memory.
  • array_empty(array) - Checks if an array is empty. Returns a boolean.
  • array_find_index(array, value) - Checks if a value is inside the array, and then returns its index, else, returns -1.
  • array_to_ds_list(array) - Returns the a ds list with all the array's values.
  • ds_list_to_array(ds_list) - Converts a ds list to an array with all its values and the returns it as array.
  • array_to_struct(array) - Returns the array as a struct with all its values inside numeric keys.
  • array_write(array) - Returns the array as a string.


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I just happened to come across this when I'm working on a game that uses a lot of data structures. This is honestly just what I needed!


Glad you like it! I hope its helpful for your game!